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wedding brittany

Once upon a time there was a wedding in brittany, France, or Bretagne as they call it. This was not an ordinary wedding, no far from it. It was on the contrary a very special wedding, celebrated at a lovely French château, with very prominent guests. The venue was located on the beautiful coast of Bretagne and the château was surrounded by nature and the most wonderful scenery you can imagine. There was plenty of accommodation on the premises of the château, in the annexes. Everybody was so happy to be there for this fabulous wedding celebration.


Suddenly it is already time to lick up the kids. Say goodbye to my useful day, now it is time to play with the children and listen to their nice stories they will have after a long day of sports. It is amazing to see that they are developing so fast the last few weeks. Maybe it is the age they are in right now, that they are developing so much. They are getting different interests and they don’t want to do childish things. They think they are pretty mature already. There comes a time that we all want to ...